The Human Rights Law Journal (HRLJ), created in 1980, provides a unique source of information for keeping up to date with legal protection of human rights throughout the world.

Readers can follow major developments through learned articles and selected international and national rulings and instruments. Priority is given to in-depth material reflecting emerging themes and tendencies.

The volume of case-law and practice in relation to the international protection of human rights has expanded dramatically over the years. The ever-growing intensity of focus on international courts and treaty bodies has brought with it repercussions for domestic law. In the other direction, the jurisprudence of national constitutional and supreme courts is exercising an increasingly noticeable influence on the international level.

The sheer quantity and the wealth of jurisprudence being produced demand a searching selection of key rulings and institutional instruments for publication in the HRLJ. Documents are published in full text, accompanied by commentary where judged necessary. In this editorial work, the HRLJ team can rely on its lengthy experience and comparative knowledge across the field of human rights law.

The shared goal of authors and editors of the HRLJ is to make each succeeding issue of the journal an even more useful work-tool for all those who, as judges, legislators, government officials, university teachers and researchers, NGO representatives or private practitioners, need accurate, pertinent and up-to-date information on human rights law and constitutional law.

The journal is made up of four sections: (1) Articles, (2) Decisions and Reports, (3) Documentation, (4) Pending Proceedings.

The HRLJ was created in 1980. As from 1982 it incorporates the Human Rights Review formerly published by Oxford University Press. From 1991 onwards (Vol. 12), the HRLJ has been published in the extended European A 4 format, with 12 issues per year and an overall total of 480 pages per volume. All back issues are available.

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