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Accetto, Matej
Judicial Review and Climate Change: A Perspective from Slovenia, 43 HRLJ 361-365 (2023)

Akhavan, Payam
► Enforcement of the Genocide Convention through the Advisory Opinion Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice 12 HRLJ 285 (1991)

Akhtar, Zia
► Racial Hatred on the Internet in Australia: Legal Protection under the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA)
41 HRLJ 333 (2021)

Akoto, Paul Yao
Deputy Speaker of the Ivory Coast National Assembly, Intervention to the 2nd Strasbourg Conference on Parliamentary Democracy 9 HRLJ 388 (1988)

Alen, André
Alen, André and Melchior, Michel, The Relations between the Constitutional Courts and the Other National Courts, including the Interference in this Area of the Action of the European Courts / General Report / Brussels European Constitutional Courts Conference 23 HRLJ 304 (2002)

Alexander, George J.

► The Illusory Protection of Human Rights by National Courts during Periods of Emergency -- Selected Cases from Common Law Countries 5 HRLJ 1 (1984)

Alfredsson, Gudmundur
Alfredsson, Gudmundur and de Zayas, Alfred, Minority Rights: Protection by the United Nations  14 HRLJ 1 (1993)

Alkema, Evert A.
Some Suggestions to Improve the Procedures of the ECHR Pending the Merger of the Court and the Commission, Written Communication to the Neuchâtel Seminar 8 HRLJ 80 (1987)

► Alkema, Evert A., van der Hulle, Rob and van der Hulle, Rick, Safeguard Rules in the European Legal Order: The Relationship between Article 53 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Article 53 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union 35 HRLJ 8 (2015)

Amar, Francis
Problems Raised by Visits to Places of Detention: Objectives and Working Methods of the ICRC in Internal Disturbances and Tensions, Strasbourg Seminar on the Implementation of the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture 10 HRLJ 165 (1989)

Ambos, Kai
Impunity and International Criminal Law / A Case Study on Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina 18 HRLJ 1 (1997)

Andreotti, Onur
► The Superior Courts Network of the European Court of Human Rights / An Innovative Working Tool Allowing a Structured Dialogue with National Courts 41 HRLJ 329 (2021)

Arden, Mary
► Arden, Mary / Bodnar, Adam / Chanturia, Lado / Nußberger, Angelika and Yudkivska, Ganna, Human Rights for the Future A Chance for Peace ?, 42 HRLJ 18 (2022)

Aubert, Pierre
Opening address to the Neuchâtel Seminar: Merger of the EurCommHR and EurCourtHR 8 HRLJ 100 (1987)