UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC), Geneva

Comm. No. 4/2016

01.02.2019 / D.D. v. Spain / Unaccompanied child, a 15 years’ old Malian citizen, climbed the border fences separating the Spanish enclave Melilla from Morocco / Upon setting foot on the ground, he was arrested by the Spanish Civil Guard and handed over to the Moroccan forces and summarily deported to Morocco / Violation of the obligation to conduct an initial assessment prior to any removal

39 HRLJ 63 (2019)

Comm. No. 104/2019

22.09.2021 / Chiara Sacchi et al. v. Argentina / Transboundary harms related to climate change / Requirements regarding State’s responsibility fulfilled: Effective control over emissions, sufficient causal links, and reasonably forseeable harm / Childrens’ victim status prima facie established / Failure to exhaust domestic remedies: Communication inadmissible

41 HRLJ 372 (2021)