UN Committee against Torture (UN-CAT), Geneva

Comm. No. 1/1988 et al.

O.R., M.M. and M.S. v. Argentina, Alleged torture by Argentine military authorities in 1976 / Communication on behalf of deceased relatives declared inadmissible ratione temporis

11 HRLJ 134 (1990)

Comm. No. 4/1990

R.E. v. Turkey, Alleged a priori ineffectiveness of domestic remedies in a torture related case v. Turkey declared inadmissible

12 HRLJ 237 (1991)

Comm. No. 5/1990

W.J. v. Austria, Preclusion of claims submitted to another procedure of international investigation / Communication inadmissible

12 HRLJ 26 (1991)

Comm. No. 8/1991

Halimi-Nedzibi v. Austria, Unreasonable delay (15 months) before an  investigation of allegations of torture not in compliance with Article 12 CCPR

15 HRLJ 29 (1994)

Comm. No. 13/1993

Mutombo v. Switzerland, Personal risk of being subjected to torture, consistent pattern of mass violations of human rights in Zaire / Expulsion would be unlawful

15 HRLJ 164 (1994)

Comm. No. 15/1994

Khan v. Canada, Obligation to refrain from forcibly returning to Pakistan a student leader of the Kashmiri independence movement

15 HRLJ 426 (1994)