UN Committee on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination
(UN-CERD-Cee), Geneva

Comm. No. 2/1989

Diop v. France, Senegalese citizenship as an obstacle to the exercise of the legal profession in France / No violation of the Racial Discrimination Convention

12 HRLJ 300 (1991)

Comm. No. 4/1991

L.K. v. Netherlands, State’s obligation to treat instances of racial discrimination with particular attention / Mere existence of a law making racial discrimination a criminal act is insufficient

14 HRLJ 249 (1993)

Comm. No. 13/1998

Koptova v. Slovakia, Rights of Roma families affected by municipal resolutions in force for almost two years / Revocation of the resolutions in 1999 / CERD procedure closed before follow-up measures of redress have been adopted / Victim status remains valid

23 HRLJ 171 (2002)