General Court of the European Union, Luxembourg
(Court’s official name since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, 1.12.2009,

previously Court of First Instance of the European Communities)
(Judgments, alphabetical order)


T-194/94, Carvel and Guardian v. Council / Blanket refusal to grant access to the preparatory reports, the minutes, attendance and voting records of two specific meetings of the Council of the European Union annulled

16 HRLJ 320 (1995)


T-275/17, Michela Curto v. European Parliament / Psychological harassment affecting a member of the staff during her period of employment as an accredited parliamentary assistant / Duty of the European Parliament to open disciplinary proceedings and obligation to pay 10,000 euros in damages

38 HRLJ 421 (2018)


T-219/95 R, Danielsson et al. / French nuclear tests on Mururoa / Opinion of the Commission on health and safety measures / Locus standi of the applicants denied

17 HRLJ 453 (1996)


T-177/01, Jégo-Quéré v. Commission / Strict interpretation of the notion of individual concern for granting standing to challenge a regulation reconsidered / Effective judicial protection under the ECHR and the Charter of Fundamental Rights / The applicant is a fishing company whose vessels are covered by the scope of the regulation (establishing measures for the recovery of the stock of hake)

23 HRLJ 106 (2002)


T-112/98, Mannesmannröhren-Werke AG / Presumption of innocence in Community competition law / Right to refuse to provide answers that imply admission of an infringement (principle of nemo tenetur) / Community fundamental rights, ECHR and EU Charter

22 HRLJ 119 (2001)


T-54/99, max-mobil Telekommunikation Service GmbH / EC Commission’s obligation to undertake a diligent and impartial examination / Referral to Articles 41(1) and 47 of the EU Charter and the constitutional traditions common to the Member States

23 HRLJ 268 (2002)


T-306/01, Yusuf et al. v. Council and Commission / Binding effect of measures taken by the UN Security Council (through its Sanctions Committee) to combat international terrorism / Freezing of funds of persons and entities associated with Usama bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda network and the Taliban / Criterion of the standard of universal protection of fundamental human rights within the ambit of peremptory jus cogens

26 HRLJ 237 (2005)


T-125/22, Case of RT France, Confirmation of a temporary broadcasting ban regarding RT France, a private television service controlled and financed by the Kremlin / Russia’s actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine / Protection of the European Union and its Member States against disinformation and destabilisation campaigns as integral part of the arsenal of modern warfare

43 HRLJ 268 (2023)