Cumulative Index as from HRLJ vol. 1 (1980) Onwards

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Dahl, Henry

►Garro, Alejandro M. and Dahl, Henry, Legal Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Argentina: One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward 8 HRLJ 283 (1987)
Dahl, Henry and Garro, Alejandro, Supreme Court of Argentina, Judgment of 30 December 1986, Conviction of former Military commanders affirmed on different grounds of criminal responsibility, translation 8 HRLJ 430 (1987)
►Dahl, Henry and Garro, Alejandro, Supreme Court of Argentina, Judgment of 22 June 1987, constitutionality of the Law of “Due Obedience”, translation 8 HRLJ 441 (1987)

Danelius, Hans
The Incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights into Swedish Law 19 HRLJ 301 (1998)
► Pekkanen, Raimo and Danelius, Hans, Eminent Lawyers’ Report of 17.12.1991 requested by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in order to prepare PACE’s Opinion on the admission of a new Member State to the Council of Europe, Human Rights in the Republic of Estonia 13 HRLJ 236 (1992)

Dankwa, E.V.O.
Conference on Regional Systems of Human Rights Protection in Africa, the Americas and Europe 13 HRLJ 314 (1992)

Davis, Terry
Some Starting Points for our Reflection on the Future of the Court / Future Developments of
the European Court of Human Rights in the Light of the Wise Persons’ Report / San Marino Colloquy 28 HRLJ 3 (2007)

Dolzer, Rudolf
► Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources and Economic Decolonization 7 HRLJ 217 (1986)

Domínguez-Redondo, Elvira
UN Public Special Procedures under Damocles’ Sword / Two Particular Innovations: Mechanisms for the Appointment of Mandate-Holders, and the Adoption of a Code of Conduct for Special Procedures Mandate-holders of the Human Rights Council / The Protection of Human Rights by United Nations Charter Bodies / Potsdam Colloquy 29 HRLJ 32 (2008)

Donnelly, Stephen
Wildhaber, Luzius, Hjartarson, Arnaldur and Donnelly, Stephen, No Consensus on Consensus? The Practice of the European Court of Human Rights 33 HRLJ 248 (2013)

Doswald-Beck, Louise
► The Meaning of the Right to Respect for Private Life under the European Convention on Human Rights 4 HRLJ 283 (1983)

Drzemczewski, Andrew
The Role of NGOs on Human Rights Matters in the Council of Europe 8 HRLJ 273 (1987)
► The Work of the Council of Europe’s Directorate of Human Rights 11 HRLJ 89 (1990)
► The Council of Europe’s Cooperation and Assistance Programmes for Countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the Human Rights Field
● Specific Programme Set Up in 1990 12 HRLJ 335 (1991)
● Further Developments: 1990 to September 1993 14 HRLJ 229 (1993)
► The Council of Europe’s Co-Operation and Assistance Programmes with Central and Eastern European Countries in the Human Rights Field / 1990 to September 1993 14 HRLJ 229 (1993)
► Drzemczewski, Andrew and Meyer-Ladewig, Jens, Principal Characteristics of the New ECHR Control Mechanism, as established by Protocol No. 11, signed on 11 May 1994 15 HRLJ 81 (1994)
► Ensuring Compatibility of Domestic Law with the European Convention on Human Rights Prior to Ratification: The Hungarian Model 16 HRLJ 241 (1995)
► CIS Convention on Human Rights, Minsk 1995 / The legal implications
for States ratifying both the ECHR and the Convention on Human Rights
of the CIS / Introductory remarks 17 HRLJ 157 (1996)
► The European Human Rights Convention: Protocol No. 11 / Entry into Force and First Year of
Application 21 HRLJ 1 (2000)
► The Parliamentary Assembly's Committee on the Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe 35 HRLJ 269 (2015)
► Mahoney Colloquy, Debate 36 HRLJ 277, 297 (2016)
►The Council of Europe and the Rule of Law / Introductory Remarks regarding the Rule of Law Checklist Established by the Venice Commission 37 HRLJ 179 (2017)

Drzemczewski, Pierre
The Council of Europe’s Position with Respect to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights  22 HRLJ 14 (2001)

Durand, Andrew
► Constitutional Review in Italy, Translation of the Contribution by Theo Ritterspach 4 HRLJ 179 (1983)
► Abortion Law in Italy / Legislation and Decisions of the Constitutional Court, Translation of the Contribution by Theo Ritterspach 5 HRLJ 385 (1984)

Działocha, Kazimierz
The Hierarchy of Constitutional Norms and its Function in the Protection of Basic Rights / Polish Report, Ankara Conference of the European Constitutional Courts 13 HRLJ 100 (1992)