Cumulative Index as from HRLJ vol. 1 (1980) Onwards

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Eaton, Martin
Eaton, Martin and Schokkenbroek, Jeroen, Reforming the Human Rights Protection System Established by the European Convention on Human Rights / A New Protocol No. 14 to the Convention and other Measures to Guarantee the Long-Term Effectiveness of the Convention System 26 HRLJ 1 (2005)
The New Judicial Filtering Mechanism: Introductory Comments / Future Developments of the European Court of Human Rights in the Light of the Wise Persons’ Report / San Marino Colloquy 28 HRLJ 12 (2007)

Edwards, Jim
The Role of the Media, Report to the 2nd Strasbourg Conference on Parliamentary Democracy 9 HRLJ 449 (1988)

Eide, Asbjørn
► Realization of Social and Economic Rights and the Minimum Threshold Approach 10 HRLJ 53 (1989)

Engel, Norbert Paul
Independence of the European Court of Human Rights as a Prerequisite for the European Union’s Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights (Article I-7 § 2 of the Draft Constitution for Europe)  24 HRLJ 148 (2003)

► Independence of the European Court of Human Rights and its Judges is a Higher Priority
than a New EU Authority for Monitoring Human Rights (Human Rights Agency) / Proposal for
a Conditional “EurCourtHR clause” 27 HRLJ 340 (2006)
► More Transparency and Governmental Loyalty for Maintaining Professional Quality in the Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights 32 HRLJ 448 (2012)
► Introduction to the Mahoney Colloquy 36 HRLJ 242 (2016)
►Mahoney Colloquy, Debate 36 HRLJ 290 (2016)

Ermacora, Felix
The Situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan, Report to the United Nations ECOSOC of 19 February 1985 6 HRLJ 29 (1985)

► Bernhardt, Rudolf, Trechsel, Stefan, Weitzel, Albert, and Ermacora, Felix, Eminent Lawyers’ Report of 28.9.1994 requested by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in order to prepare PACE’s Opinion on the admission of a new Member State to the Council of Europe, Report on the conformity of the legal order of the Russian Federation with Council of Europe Standards 15 HRLJ 249 (1994)
● PACE recommended the admission of Russia with Opinion No. 193 17 HRLJ 185 (1996)

Evrigenis, Dimitrios
► Recent Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights on Articles 8 and 10 of the ECHR 3 HRLJ 121 (1982)