Cumulative Index as from HRLJ vol. 1 (1980) Onwards

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Galperin, Mikhail
Politicising Law or Legalising Politics? Justiciability and the ‘Political Question’ Doctrine in International Justice 40 HRLJ 29 (2020)

Ganshof van der Meersch, Walter J.
► Reliance, in the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights, on the Domestic Law of the States 1 HRLJ 13 (1980)
► Some Views on Measures which Could Accompany the Merger of the Commission and the Court, Report No. 5 to the Neuchâtel Seminar 8 HRLJ 51 (1987)

Garro, Alejandro M.
► The Role of the Argentine Judiciary in Controlling Governmental Action Under a State of Siege 4 HRLJ 311 (1983)
► Garro, Alejandro M. and Dahl, Henry, Legal Accountability for Human Rights Violations in Argentina: One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward 8 HRLJ 283 (1987)

Gawronski, Jas
“Human Rights in the World”, Countries of the American Continent, Report of the European Parliament 4 HRLJ 33 (1983)

Gil-Robles, Alvaro
The United Kingdom 2001 Derogation from Article 5 (1) ECHR / Opinion of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights 23 HRLJ 468 (2002)

►Kosovo: The Human Rights Situation and the Fate of Persons Displaced from their Homes / Report of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights 24 HRLJ 429 (2003)

Ginsberg, Mitchell I.
► Ginsberg, Mitchell I. and Lesser, Leonard, Current Developments in Economic and Social Rights: A United States Perspective 2 HRLJ 237 (1981)

Gazzini, Tarcisio
Considerations on the Conflict in Chechnya 17 HRLJ 93 (1996)

Golsong, Heribert
On the Reform of the Supervisory System of the European Convention on Human Rights 13 HRLJ 265 (1992)

Grabenwarter, Christoph
Reception of Migrants: Material and Procedural Guarantees for Settled Migrants / Some Thoughts on the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights 37 HRLJ 31 (2017)
► The Right to Life before European Consitutional Courts (Contribution to the XVIII Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts, Prague) 41 HRLJ 7-9 (2021)

Grass, Roger
The Creation of the European Union Civil Service Tribunal: Some Recollections … 31 HRLJ 9 (2011)

de Gucht, Karel
The “non bis in idem” Principle in Criminal Law in the European Economic Community (EEC), Report of the European Parliament 5 HRLJ 391 (1984)

► Human Rights in the World and Community Policy on Human Rights for the Year 1987-1988, Report of the European Parliament 10 HRLJ 309 (1989)
► The Declaration of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, Report of the European Parliament, adopted 12 April 1989 10 HRLJ 346 (1989)

Gunewardene, Roshani M.
The Caste System: A Violation of Fundamental Human Rights? 11 HRLJ 35 (1990)