Cumulative Index as from HRLJ vol. 1 (1980) Onwards

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Radnic, Cedo
Chernishova, Olga and Radnic, Cedo, Enforced Disappearances in the Practice of the European Court of Human Rights: Seeing the Trees and the Forest 38 HRLJ 13 (2018)

Radtke, Henning
►Langenfeld, Christine and Radtke, Henning, National Report Germany – Two Parts (XVIII Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts, Prague) 41 HRLJ 13 ff. (2021)
– General Part by Christine Langenfeld: Catalogues of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms
– Special Part by Henning Radtke: Specific Issues Related to Selected Fundamental Rights

Raimondi, Guido
Opening of the Mahoney Colloquy 36 HRLJ 241 (2016)
► Mahoney Colloquy, Fourth Session – The Old Court and the New Court, Debate 36 HRLJ 257, 292, 297 (2016)

Ramcharan, Bertrand
The Travaux Préparatoires of the African Commission on Human Rights 13 HRLJ 307 (1992)
► Complementarity between Universal and Regional Organizations / Perspectives from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights / Dublin Castle Conference 21 HRLJ 324 (2000)

van Reenen, Piet
Problems Raised by Visits to Places of Detention: The Viewpoint of a Police Official, Strasbourg Seminar on the Implementation of the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture 10 HRLJ 157 (1989)

Rehorst, Peter
► Report of the Netherlands to the Lisbon Conference of the European Constitutional Courts 1987 (Constitutional Jurisdiction in the Context of State Powers) 9 HRLJ 11 (1988)

Revedin, Anton M.
Information Activities of Parliaments and Political Parties, Report to the 2nd Strasbourg Conference on Parliamentary Democracy 9 HRLJ 456 (1988)

Richter, Dagmar
Breitenmoser, Stephan and Richter, Dagmar, Proposal for an Additional Protocol to the ECHR concerning the Protection of Minorities in the Participating States of the CSCE 12 HRLJ 262 (1991)

Ricq, Charles
Democratic Participation: Forms and Channels of Participation, Report to the 2nd Strasbourg Conference on Parliamentary Democracy 9 HRLJ 402 (1988)

Riedel, Eibe H.
► New Bearings in German Data Protection/ Census Act 1983 Partially Unconstitutional 5 HRLJ 67 (1984)
► Federal Constitutional Court (Germany), Decision of 15 December 1983, 1 BvR 209/83 et al., Census Act 1983, translation 5 HRLJ 94 (1984)

Risini, Isabella
An Individual-Centered Decision Seen in the Historical and Institutional Context which Led to Cyprus v. Turkey (IV) / The 2014 Just Satisfaction Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights 34 HRLJ 18 (2014)

Ritterspach, Theo
► Constitutional Review in Italy 4 HRLJ 179 (1983)
► Abortion Law in Italy / Legislation and Decisions of the Constitutional Court 5 HRLJ 385 (1984)

Robert, Jacques
Constitutional and International Protection of Human Rights: Competing or Complementary Systems? / General Report to the IXth Conference of European Constitutional Courts 15 HRLJ 1 (1994)

Rodger, Alan
The Future of the European Court of Human Rights / Symposium at the University of Graz  24 HRLJ 149 (2003)

Rodrigues, Stéphane
Bernard-Glanz, Christophe, Laure Levi, Audrey Blot, and Rodrigues, Stéphane, Pleading Before the EU Civil Service Tribunal: A Few Specificities of the Procedure 31 HRLJ 16 (2011)

Rodríguez Iglesias, Gil Carlos
Presentation of the Wise Persons’ Report / Future Developments of the European Court of Human Rights in the Light of the Wise Persons’ Report / San Marino Colloquy 28 HRLJ 9 (2007)

Rosenmayr, Stefan
► Nowak, Manfred, Rosenmayr, Stefan and Schwaighofer, Christoph, Summary of Reports of the 1985 Sevilla Human Rights Colloquy 7 HRLJ 117 (1986)

Roth, Stephen J.
The CSCE “Charter of Paris for a new Europe” / A New Chapter in the Helsinki Process 11 HRLJ 373 (1990)
► Comments on the CSCE Meeting of Experts on National Minorities and its Concluding Document 12 HRLJ 330 (1991)

Roucounas, Emmanuel
See Wise Persons Report

Rozakis, Christos
► De Meyer, Jan and Rozakis, Christos, Eminent Lawyers’ Report of 20.1.1992 requested by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in order to prepare PACE’s Opinion on the Admission of a new Member State to the Council of Europe, Human Rights in the Republic of Latvia 13 HRLJ 244 (1992)

Rumpf, Christian
The Protection of Human Rights in Turkey and the Significance of International Human Rights Instruments 14 HRLJ 394 (1993)