Cumulative Index as from HRLJ vol. 1 (1980) Onwards

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Tagaras, Harissios
Mahoney Colloquy, Debate 36 HRLJ 281 (2016)

Tarnopolsky, Walter S.

► Race Relations Commissions in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States 6 HRLJ 145 (1985)

Teitgen, Pierre-Henri

► The Temporal Effect of the Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Communities 1 HRLJ 36 (1980)

Thomashausen, André

► Basic Rights, Liberty and their Protection under the New Portuguese Constitution of 1976 1 HRLJ 182 (1980)
► Forfeiture of Enemy Property in Zimbabwe 4 HRLJ 167 (1983)

Thomassen, Wilhelmina
Relations between the Court and States Parties to the Convention / Future Developments of the European Court of Human Rights in the Light of the Wise Persons’ Report / San Marino Colloquy 28 HRLJ 22 (2007)

Thune, Gro Hillestad

► Matscher, Franz and Hillestad Thune, Gro, Eminent Lawyers’ Report of 24.1.1995 requested by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in order to prepare PACE’s Opinion on the Admission of a new Member State to the Council of Europe, Report on the Legislation of the Republic of Croatia 16 HRLJ 326 (1995)

Tomuschat, Christian
Note -- Evolving Procedural Rules: The U.N.-Human Rights Committee’s first two Years of Dealing with Individual Communications 1 HRLJ 249 (1980)

► A Right to Asylum in Europe 13 HRLJ 257 (1992)
► Quo Vadis, Argentoratum? The Success Story of the European Convention on Human Rights -- And a Few Dark Stains 13 HRLJ 401 (1992)
► Further Steps of the Council of Europe with a View to Combating Terrorism 26 HRLJ 157 (2005)
► Report of 16 February 2004 / CODEXTER (2004) 05 / On the Possible “Added Value” of a Comprehensive Convention on Terrorism 26 HRLJ 287 (2005)
► Origins and History of UN Special Procedures / An Overview from their Inception to June 2007 / The Protection of Human Rights by United Nations Charter Bodies / Potsdam Colloquy 29 HRLJ 27 (2008)
► The English Translations of the Case-Law of the German Federal Constitutional Court / A Review of Existing Publications 29 HRLJ 398 (2008)
► The International Criminal Court at Age Ten 32 HRLJ 15 (2012)
► Mahoney Colloquy, Debate 36 HRLJ 256 (2016)
Obituary for Thomas Buergenthal (11 May 1934 - 29 May 2023), 43 HRLJ 1-3 (2023)

Trechsel, Stefan
The Right to Liberty and Security of the Person -- Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Strasbourg Case-Law 1 HRLJ 88 (1980)

► Towards the Merger of the Supervisory Organs: Seeking a Way out of the Deadlock, Report No. 1 to the 1986 Neuchâtel Seminar: Merger of the EurCommHR and EurCourtHR 8 HRLJ 11 (1987)
► Bernhardt, Rudolf, Trechsel, Stefan, Weitzel, Albert and Ermacora, Felix, Eminent Lawyers’ Report of 28.9.1994 requested by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in order to prepare PACE’s Opinion on the Admission of a new Member State to the Council of Europe, Report on the Conformity of the Legal Order of the Russian Federation with Council of Europe Standards 15 HRLJ 249 (1994)
● PACE recommended the admission of Russia with Opinion No. 193 17 HRLJ 185 (1996)
► Turkey Wants to Respect Human Rights / Address to Turkish Public Prosecutors (Ankara, 17 February 1997) 18 HRLJ 471 (1997)
► The Notion of “Political Prisoner” as Defined for the Purpose of Identifying Political Prisoners in Armenia and Azerbaijan 23 HRLJ 293 (2002)

Tretter, Hannes

► Human Rights in the Concluding Document of the Vienna Follow-Up Meeting of the Conference on Security and Co-Operation in Europe of January 15, 1989: An Introduction 10 HRLJ 257 (1989)

Triggs, Gillian

► Australia’s Ratification of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Its Domestic Application to Prisoners’ Rights 3 HRLJ 65 (1982)

Truche, Pierre
See Wise Persons Report

Tsatsos, Dimitris Th.
European Political Parties? / Preliminary Reflections on Interpreting the Maastricht Treaty Article on Political Parties (Article 138a of the EC Treaty) 16 HRLJ 1 (1995)

Tulkens, Françoise
Towards a Greater Normative Coherence in Europe / The Implications of the Draft Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union / Dublin Castle Conference 21 HRLJ 329 (2000)

Türmen, Riza
The Öcalan Case / “Judges Remember ...” / Recollections and Experiences from the Strasbourg Court  34 HRLJ 263 (2014)