Cumulative Index as from HRLJ vol. 1 (1980) Onwards

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Umozurike, U.O.
Presentation of the 3rd Activity Report of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights 11 HRLJ 430 (1990)

Vandeginste, Stef
Bossuyt, Marc and Vandeginste, Stef, The Issue of Reparation for Slavery and Colonialism and the Durban World Conference against Racism 22 HRLJ 341 (2001)

de Vargas, François
Preface to the Strasbourg Seminar on the Implementation of the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture 10 HRLJ 133 (1989)

Ventura, Manuel E.

► Costa Rica and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights 4 HRLJ 273 (1983)

Vila Amigó, Marc

► Matscher, Franz and Vila Amigó, Marc, Eminent Lawyers’ Report of 7.1.1999 requested by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in order to prepare PACE’s Opinion on the admission of a new Member State to the Council of Europe, Report on the conformity of legal order of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Council of Europe Standards 20 HRLJ 393 (1999)

Viljoen, Frans
The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights / The Travaux Préparatoires in the Light of Subsequent Practice 25 HRLJ 313 (2004)

Villiger, Mark E.
The New Court and its Domestic and International Context, Written Communication to the 1986 Neuchâtel Seminar: Merger of the EurCommHR and EurCourtHR 8 HRLJ 84 (1987)

► Frowein, Jochen Abr. and Villiger, Mark E., Report of the European Commission of Human Rights to the 1987 Lisbon Conference of the European Constitutional Courts (Constitutional Jurisdiction in the Context of State Powers) 9 HRLJ 23 (1988)

Viñas, Angel
Joined Programmes of Common Strategic Interest in the Field of Human Rights: A View from the European Commission / Dublin Castle Conference 21 HRLJ 327 (2000)

Vonhoff, H.J.L.
Enhancing the Role of Parliament, Report to the 2nd Strasbourg Conference on Parliamentary Democracy 9 HRLJ 426 (1988)

Voßkuhle, Andreas
Pyramid or Mobile? -- Human Rights Protection by the European Constitutional Courts 34 HRLJ 1 (2014)